6th Grade Boys

Favorite Quote:

"This is what my dad says to my brother and I.  “BGT”...It means BE GREAT TODAY."

#4 Guard

Owen Endsley

Favorite Basketball Memory:

#9 Guard

Conrad Blackwell

Favorite Quote:

#22 Guard

Miles Ledet

Why did you pick your number?

"It was my mom's high school number."

#10 Guard

Chris Miles

Favorite Quote:

#15 Guard

Jackson Nielson

Favorite quote:

#14 Guard

Nehemiah Dixon

Favorite Quote:

#50 Post

Andrew Puteney

Who is your hero?

"My dad because he helps me practice and takes me to all practices and games."

#20 Guard

Daunte Brown

Favorite Quote:

"Don't be afraid of failure. That is the way to succeed." -Lebron James

#21 Guard

Izaya Harris

Favorite Quote:


Dawson Schnarre